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Basement Waterproofing

We thoroughly inspect the foundation and floor to identify the leaking and drainage problem areas. A system solution is designed and a written proposal that includes a total cost estimate and time of completion is provided without cost or any obligation to you.


  1. Remove approximately 18″ width of the floor along the base of the basement waterproofing problem wall areas. An access trench is excavated to reach the foundation footings.
  2. Heavy wall PVC drain tubing is placed in the trench surrounded by a 3/4″ layer of washed rock. The rock layer assists in the fine sediment filtration and more complete water drainage.
  3. The concrete block center voids are accessed with holes drilled to facilitate moisture evacuation. Vent – Mat edging is installed to direct the problem water leakage into the prepared drainage trench.
  4. The edging channels the water the into the PVC tubing basin containing the sump pump. As code allows, the evacuation pipe may be routed to your city sewer system or suitable disposal area.
  5. Heavy vinyl sheeting is installed to cover the washed rock drainage trench for a final moisture barrier
  6. Concrete floor is replaced over the new drainage area.

Walkout Basement Evacuation

Walkout basements can present a unique drainage challenge if the original drain tiles allow water to collect in the foundation blocks below. The seasonal freezing and thawing cycle will cause the water to expand and contract to cause foundation damage in a very short time.To solve this drainage problem we dig down to the base of the foundation and drill a relief hole just above the base of the footing. If the soil next to the footing requires amending with a rock layer to assist drainage and sediment filtration, the layer of washed rock is installed and covered with fibermat wrap.


Heavy wall PVC drain tubing is installed to allow the positive drainage of foundation moisture to a suitable runoff area.

Wellroom Repair

Foundations built around private wells go back far enough to have suffered the consequences of settling, cracking and related moisture problems. We define the problem areas and provide you with a written cost estimate for repairs at no charge.