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Foundation Repair

The effects of a Minnesota winter, along with storm damage, flooding, age, moisture, or heavy soil pressure are common foundation problems that may only be corrected with a complete replacement and foundation repair of the damaged areas.


To repair more extensive structural damage we follow these steps:

  1. Install wall shoring in the areas where the damaged wall is to be removed.
  2. Remove the damaged foundation blocks.
  3. Remove four to six inches of soil from against the old  foundation.
  4. Construct the new concrete block wall.
  5. Core fill the new wall as required.
  6. Install damp proofing and insulate the exterior surface of the new wall.
  7. Backfill with granular soil to provide positive drainage.





Foundation walls crack and bow from lateral earth movement and the stress created from  expansive soil changes. If not properly main – tained, the foundation can eventually collapse.Stablwall is a reinforcing material used in the aerospace industry for thirty years.


The tech – nology repairs foundation walls without the use of support beams, imbedded fasteners or the  need for ongoing maintenance. Applied to the foundation walls the bracing system resists ten times the average outside  pressure.


The foundation becomes stronger to  eliminate expansion, shifting, cracking and bowing.


Exterior and Interior Foundation Resurfacing

Cracked and deteriorating foundation walls jeopardize your home’s structural integrity, defeat the purpose of weatherproofing and substantially detract from the property’s visual appeal. To repair the damaged foundation walls we follow these steps :


foundation-resurfacing1Remove and repair the damaged areas of the foundation. foundation-resurfacing2Attach rust and corrosion resistent heavy galvanized metal lath and corner moldings with metal fasteners. foundation-resurfacing3Apply base and final coats of high quality resurfacing mix.